Combs Concrete Construction services large track builders along with a group of quality custom home builders. We also make it a point to continue to service individuals with concrete repairs and additions which can often be a challenge for them to get a contractor out for smaller jobs.

Our residential scope of work ranges from dig footings, form and pour basement foundations, form and pour house and monolithic slabs, driveways, curb, patio and custom stamp work with many designs to choose from. We also are certified in Pervious concrete which is a great alternative for water shed issues. It allows the builder to build larger homes on smaller lots and exterior Flatwork does not go against their water shed count. It is also environmentally friendly, which allows builders to build green. Combs Concrete Construction also specializes in concrete repairs and additions ranging from driveway replacement to new patios and sidewalks. No job is too big or too small. Please give us a call today and schedule an appointment for a free estimate. 


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